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Each chapter of Bet on You offers step-by-step guidance to complete your personal Risk Manifesto via a FREE easy-to-use online tool. When you finish the book, you'll be ready to leverage risk for success in your life.

Reset Your Relationship with Risk

Bet on You helps you understand the most common missing ingredient to a life well lived, one where you experience less stress, more success, and more joy. You’ll learn to move beyond struggles with unnecessary drama, angst, frustration, and lost happiness by recognizing your true talents and shedding the play-it-safe-mode many of us were raised to embrace.

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  • Jeff DeGraff, Professor & Author of The Creative Mindset

    “Better safe than sorry. That advice rings in our ears and holds us back well into adulthood. Angie and Courtney help put risk taking in perspective. Bet on You provides clear and proven steps for achieving your dreams.”

  • Aria Finger, Former CEO of

    “Anyone who wants to ignite meaningful change in their lives needs to read Bet on You. Angie and Courtney not only succeed in demystifying the concept of risk but also by offering a no-nonsense approach on how to initiate it.”

  • Wendy Steele, Founder & Chief Executive, Impact 100 Global

    “Angie and Courtney see risk as a vital part of a happy, fulfilled, and successful life. Bet on You is an interactive guidebook designed to open our minds to the concept that embracing risk isn’t nearly as scary as playing it safe.”

About the Authors

Bet on You is written by New York Times best-selling authors and leadership experts Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch. They have led successfully as Marines, executives, and entrepreneurs and have coached thousands of talented professionals to greater success through their innovative Year to Rise program.